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bipolar adj
1 of or relating to manic depressive illness
2 of, pertaining to, or occurring in both polar regions; "the bipolar distribution of certain species"
3 having two poles [ant: unipolar]

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  1. Involving both extremes (poles) at the same time.
    A bipolar transistor uses both p-type and n-type semiconductors
  2. Referring to a person with bipolar disorder.
    She's bipolar, just avoid her when she's manic and she'll avoid you when she's depressed.


involving both poles
person with bipolar disorder

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Bipolar is a term used to define things with two (usually opposing) poles. It can refer to:
In Medicine
In charitable organisation
MDF The BiPolar Organisation - A UK based charitable organisation
In Electronics and electrical engineering
In Science
In Mathematics
  • Polar set, sometimes called a bipolar set, is the polar of a polar set.
  • Bipolar coordinates, a type of orthogonal coordinates based on the Apollonian circles.
In Pop culture
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